Best Realestate Agents in Vizag:

Vmrda plots vizag team is having the Best Realestate Agents in Vizag and vizianagaram locations. we do service with very transparently.  We charge 2% of total property cost as our commission. If the property cost crosses 1 crore rs then our percentage is reduced to 1 %.  but we never close deal  under 1 % commission.

However we give importance to close the deal with out having any legal issue on property.

In other words we stand on our words as we said previously we deal any property selling or buying in a transparent process.

For instance we verify about the property , that it is clear title or its having any litigation’s.

Recently we closed a big deal of 4 CR property in mvp colony. without any issue both selling and buying parties closed their deal.

In addition both parties paid 1% of commission for mediators without hesitating.

Therefore to close a deal don’t feel that mediator getting more money without work like that. Because of us only both parties are being prepared for deal.  without a mediator a real-estate deal will never closed safely.

After that we all went to a restaurant enjoyed a lot for the success of closing thee deal.

In conclusion Mediators are only the way to communicate with owners or to buyers. so Respect them.

Certainly our vmrda plots Vizag team will support you and provide service till end of the closing the deal.

As a result we always get a good feedback from our customers.

Above all our achievements in real estate field. we all are professional qualified persons in this field.

Similarly if the property cost is more than 10 CR, then we can reduce our commission percentage from 1% to 0.75%.

Finally Real estate field is very best field compare to any other field. we get good money in short time.