Farmland plot investment in Vizag:

Now sri gandham or sandalwood layout plots are started by so many realestate companies. Farmland plot investment in Vizag is for future or long term investment plan. Returns may come in 12 to 15 years of time period.

In addition the plot owners will get a profit of 15 to 20 lakhs money and the land cost also will increase at least 5 times of buying price.

This  Farm land investment or red sandal wood plantation layouts are specially use full for NRI investors.

Hence they go for some job purpose to other countries will come back after 15 years, After that they receive the sri gandham trees profit in the form of money and  as well as the land.

For instance investment on keeping layouts

Location : Anakapalli side

Exactly  51 km from NAD junction.
Just  150 to 200 meters distance from Main black top road ..
And ..

Its present of 60 feet road , in master plan its 100 feet road.

very close to residential area , the area name is Typuram.
Recently Vmrda limits are increased up to Ravikamatam and Yalamanchili.

so we can get easily vmrda approval in future.

For long time investment up to 15 years…

We get land as well as a minimum of 20 to 25 lakhs amount on Sri gandam and malbar trees ..

Proudly presents Multi Benefits Low Cost Farm Estate Project ” SRIVANAM ” @ Typuram, Anakapalli – Raviakamatam main road..


Sandalwood plot investment in Vizag Key Highlights:

@ Low Cost Rs 3500/- per sq yard

60 feet Main Road facing
Just 150 meters away from Main road..

Spot Registration..
Secures Future income..
Wise investment option..

Low Cost
Malabar Neem income,
Sri Gandham plantation income,
Fruits Available like mango, guava,

Therefore 50 acres Land with amenities like..

* Roads & Drainage

* Club House & Parks

* Drip irrigation for each plant

In other words single investment- double returns

* Children Play Areas like residential layouts

* Electricity & Water and bore wells

* Compound Wall with solar fence

In conclusion its a long term plot investment for Nri investors.

* 24/7 security with CC camera surveillance
Above all key points of layouts

It’s a real investment in real estate.