Farm Lands Investment in Vizag:

Now every one looking for long time investment like Farm Lands Investment in Vizag or surroundings of Vizag locations. Invest little -get more returns. that means low investment lands for double returns.

Land for below 3 lakhs in vizag now available for less price.

Now sandal wood cultivation is become best investment plan in realestate services.

Farm lands with drip irrigation in venture is very much benefit for buyers.

For long term investment in vizag is Farm land investment is much more better for future.

Land in Andhrapradesh has gotten one of the most gainful organizations in Visakhapatnam.

In spite of the fact that Vizag land customarily the land obtaining troublesome undertaking.

It was distinctly during the declaration of Vizag as the leader capital of AndhraPradesh plots available to be purchased in Vizag has moved at a significant movement.

Considering the Vizag land is very suitable for farm lands. in farm land venture we plant seeds of white sandal  or red sandal seeds.

Hence then with special protection we care for all plants till become as a big tree in 10 years.

In conclusion best investment is sandal wood farm lands.


  1. Rich red soil is required for red sandal plantation.
  2. Up to 400 plants can be grown. But sandal needs a host plant in between, and so spacing will alter. It depends up on the spacing also
  3. Mostly There should be a distance of 12 X 12 between plants.
  4. Water 10 liter/plant/two days has to be provided.
  5. In conclusion Drip irrigation is the best process for providing water.